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Why choosing a good Nipple Butter is important

When you breastfeed, you are likely to experience sore and cracked nipple at some point. Some more severe cracks can cause bleeding from the nipple too and even lead to infection. If you experience pain like this, a nipple cream can be a great help to soothe and alleviate the soreness and also heal the issue.

Which Is The Best Nipple Cream For You?

There are numerous nipple creams on the market, and you will probably be confused by the choices and not sure which one is the best nipple cream for you.

Why Not Lanolin-Based Nipple Cream?

Lanolin-based cream is effective in soothing and healing chapped skin, many older generations mothers use lanolin cream but now we know that lanolin contains a huge amount of pesticides. Some studies also suggests that lanolin-based nipple cream is not as effective people may believe.

Lanolin is first recovered from shaved sheep’s wool. The wool is soaked in chemicals to remove parasites before the lanolin is scoured out of it and therefore there are no truly organic options available.

Your baby will eventually ingest a portion of the nipple cream through breastfeeding. This is my main concern in Lanolin as well as most creams are not free from additives, and pesticides.

What’s else should I know?

If the label recommends that you remove the cream before feeding your baby, then it’s probably not the best nipple cream for you. A nipple cream that needs to be removed before feeding likely means that it’s not safe to be ingested by your baby.


Watch out for Chemicals! Some chemicals in nipple creams can cause even more irritation to an already sensitive area. Avoid balms made with parabens, triethanolamine, and petroleum products.

Look out for numbing agents andcareful of products that cause numbness. The ingredients used can interfere with the let-down reflex of milk or could numb your baby’s mouth enough to prevent him/her from being able to feed

Choose a balm that is easy to use. Look for smooth, non-sticky, balm as you will be using it in an area which is already painful and sore. You don’t want to cause yourself anymore pain than you are already experiencing.

Some examples of great herbs to look for in Nipple Butter


Lavender essential oil has very powerful antiseptic properties. Applying it to wounds can not only increase cell growth causing the wound to heal faster, but it also decreases the appearance of scars. The oils anti-microbial action protects scrapes and wounds from infection, while allowing them heal.


Chamomile promotes smooth, healthy skin and relieves irritations thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Chamomile’s flavonoids and essential oils penetrate below the skin surface into the deeper skin layers of the skin, preserving its youthful appearance, completion and immune defenses. As a traditional medicine, it’s been used for centuries to treat wounds eczema, gout, skin irritations, cracked skin, abrasions, bruises, burns and canker sores.



Calendula has been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties via powerful flavanoids. Anti-inflammatory linoleic acid is also found in high concentrations in calendula. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties make it a potent remedy for all kinds of inflammatory, issues like diaper rash, sore cracked nipples, dermatitis, eczema and more.


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Natural Sleep Aids and why you need to be using them

ChamomileUnlike other sleep aids, that only focus on one cause of sleeplessness, chamomile tea can provide relief to a variety of sleep disruptors, including:

1. Insomnia – First and foremost, chamomile fights that annoying sensation where you don’t feel tired. If you glance at the clock and see that it is well past your bedtime, and you don’t feel tired yet, sipping on chamomile tea can induce that sleepy feeling.

2. Anxiety – Anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand. Your racing, unwanted thoughts bring with it a night of restlessness. A cup of chamomile tea before bed will help calm your mind long enough that you can drift off to sleep.

3. Depression – Drinking chamomile tea before bed can help rid you of that worn-out unwanted companion that clings to you like a cloud of hopelessness. While it won’t outright cure depression, it can rid you of these unwanted feelings long enough to fall asleep.

4. Indigestion – The cause of sleeplessness that I most identify with. But perhaps that’s because I overeat too close to bed. A cup of chamomile tea can treat your upset stomach, reducing muscle spasms and inflammation, so that you can sleep pain free.


Springing from the branches of the cananga tree, native to Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers produce an oil that is effective in reducing hypertension because of its sedative effects. Not only can it help you fall asleep faster, but a little aromatherapy with this oil can also alleviate stress and anxiety. On top of that, ylang-ylang also has a gorgeous scent, a light floral aroma that works wonderfully as a perfume or natural air freshener.

LavenderResearch shows that the scent of lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. In one study done at Britain’s University of Southampton, researchers tracked the sleep patterns of 10 adults. For a week, half of the participants slept in a room where lavender was diffused in the air throughout the night; the rest snoozed in a similar room where a placebo–sweet almond oil–was released. After a week, the groups switched rooms. At the end of the study, the volunteers ranked the quality of their sleep 20% better on average when in the lavender-scented room.  The researchers monitored their sleep cycles with brain scans. With the help of lavender subjects slept more soundly; they also felt more energetic the next morning.


The researchers found that lavender increased slow-wave sleep, the very deep sleep in which the heartbeat slows and muscles relax. During this phase, the brain is thought to organize memory, as well.

Try Aeto’s Apothecary Sleep Ease before bed to improve your family’s sleep

Sleep Ease (30g)

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Nut Free Gluten Free Trail-Mix Bars

1/4c Organic Sunflower Seed Butter

1/4c Organic Whole Brown Sugar

1/4c Organic Butter

1/4c Organic Vanilla infused Agave Nectar

1 tsp Vanilla

1c Wheat Free Organic Rolled Oats

3/4c Gluten Free Pretzels (like Glutino)

1 1/2c Gluten Free Organic Rice Cereal

1/4c Organic Coconut Shreds

1/2 c Mixed Dried fruits (I like banana, apricots, apples, cranberries, papaya, and gluten free yogurt covered raisins plus 1/8 cup for top of bars

In a medium bowl mix together Oats, Pretzels, Rice Cereal and 1/8c Shredded coconut. Mix Well.

In a medium sauce pan add butter, brown sugar, agave nectar, sunflower seed butter and vanilla.  Heat Mixture over medium low occasionally stirring until the mixture starts to bubble. Once bubbling stir for about 2 minutes and remove from heat.

Stir in Dry ingredients until well coated and press into a well greased 8X8 baking dish.  Sprinkle with 1/8c dried fruits and a little coconut.

Let it cool. Cut into Bars and Enjoy!


We absolutely love these because they are so yummy!!! They make great school safe Gluten Free litter-less lunch snack or an on the go snack anytime.

Gluten Free Trail mix Bars
Gluten Free Trail mix Bars
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Gluten Free Sensory Dough

It’s tough to find commercial craft supplies for children with Gluten issues. Wheat is such a versatile binding ingredient and it is also cheap SO it is in almost everything.  Our Theo is Celiac and the smallest amount of Gluten and he has gastrointestinal problems AND breathing difficulties.  Just because he has these problems, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get to take part in sensory play and art activities.  Based on my usual playdough recipe I have made a Gluten Free option that my 4 are just in love with, so I thought I would share it with you.


4 Cups Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

1 1/2 Cups Salt

2 cups warm water

4 tsp oil

food colouring

Essential oil


Mix Well Flour and Salt together in a large bowl.

In smaller  4 bowls mix 1/2c warm water, 1 tsp oil, 4-6 drops of Natural Food colouring (I used Natural Candy Food Colours), 2-3 drops of essential oil (I used Peppermint, Vanilla, Lime, and Lemon)

Add 1 c of the dry ingredients to each small bowl and mix well.

Turn out each colour on a surface coated with the dry ingredients and kneed well.


Store in the fridge in a ziplock bag to keep moist

#glutenfree #fun #mommy #momlife #craft #kids
#glutenfree #fun #mommy #momlife #craft #kids