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Our Birth Story

At 37 weeks pregnant, almost to the minute, we went for our induction. My hips had spread and Mr. Theo had his head in position, I had also been walking around in mild labour for about a week so I was in a significant amount of discomfort, plus I was super excited to meet Eva and Theo! This appointment also gave me the chance to have my incredible OBGYN Val Cevetic attend the birth. Derek and I arrived at the hospital at 8:00am with our doula our dear friend Olathe. We had previously discussed what our birth plan was and Olathe had taught Derek some techniques to coach me. I also had done prenatal yoga so I was fairly sure of having a sacred birth in the hospital.

We brought lotions and music and objects that were important to me. Derek had given me a stone Pachamama for my birthday two weeks previous to our appointment. (this significant to our travels in Peru and our work with a Shaman there).

During the twelve hours that followed I was pampered like a queen. Every birthing mother should be treated like that! Hand massages, foot massages, shoulder massages, soothing music, fresh fruits and delicious broths – the treatment made the contractions much more bearable. The nurse and doctor came into the room at one point and both commented that the love in the room was actually a tangible object and they had never seen such a peaceful zen environment. I am so blessed.

At 7:30pm things got scary. They had put a monitor on Theo and every time I tried to get more comfortable his heart rate would plummet and then when I moved back it would sky rocket, we were so worried. I needed to have an emergency surgical birth. I grieved the loss of this rite of passage I had been looking forward to experiencing, but knew that the safety of these babies was far more important than my pride. Immediately they had Derek and I in a surgical suite. I was given a full spinal which was a strange feeling as I was still very aware of my body and felt everything expect the pain. The doctors were wonderful they even allowed Derek to take photographs of the whole procedure. When I heard Theo cry the first time at 8:00 I was so relieved and so overwhelmed I wept with joy. They brought him to me and held him where I could see his beautiful little 5lb self. God, he is amazing! Thank-you. One minute later I didn’t know where to look my beautiful 6lb princess was on the other side gazing at me with all the love of the universe. Derek was taken back upstairs where he would hold the babies skin to skin while I was in recovery. In recovery I laid there willing the drugs out of my body and begging the nurse just to let me go to my room. My OB came in and she said “For God sake let her go to her babies” and before you knew it I had them both in my arms nursing their first drops of colostrum.

It wasn’t the birth we had planned but it was still incredible and beautiful. It no longer mattered how they arrived just that they were here, healthy and safe. Our six hearts overflowed with love and our beautiful family was complete and more than we could ever have dreamed or wished for in a lifetime.

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