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Aeto’s Nest – Our Beginning Story

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, who would ever have imagined that a pass time I loved would become a business. For quite some time I had been sharing my family care products with my family and friends and upon my husbands suggestion I decided to share them with the world.

What would we call this new business? Something with our children’s names of course. Derek suggested AETO which means bird. I thought this was fitting because when Alice saw our first ultrasound for the twins, she insisted that I had some owls in my tummy. This gave us our inspiration for our logo. Our four wise and beautiful owls.

My hope is that this can become my day job and give me the opportunity to spend the most possible time with my awesome kids. As a musician I have spent my adult life selling my singing voice, so I am hoping that experience will help me as I begin marketing these products I am so proud to represent.

I make each batch personally in my “secret Lab” (That is what the big kids call it) during nap time. Its my guilty pleasure and my opportunity to do something I really enjoy and I hope you enjoy it also. Everything is 100% natural, chemical, paraben and petroleum free, no artificial flavours or colours. Mom and baby tested and kid approved.

I also wanted to have a place to share my story so it was important to me that our website have a blog. I believe if you tell your difficult truths it makes it easier for people to tell theirs and then we can dance together in our humanity. I would love to hear your stories so feel free to leave a comment here or drop me an email.

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