About Us

As a Mom of four beautiful children under the age of four I am constantly preoccupied with what goes into my children and what goes onto my children. I tried everything out there and nothing on the market satisfied me so I began making my own products for my family. After years of reading, learning and experimenting I finally had a line of products I could proudly share with others.

We have a cloth diapering Tush-Ease and a low formulation zinc cream because we believe both have merit and a high quality alternative for diaper rash should be available to you whether you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. My husband loves zinc cream whereas I prefer the herbal balm so we have both on our change table.

Everything in our products is 100% pure, natural and Mom and Baby tested. If I wouldn’t use it on my children, then I would never expect you would use it on yours. As a vegetarian for 15 years of my life cruelty to animals is an issue for me so we are registered our pledge with PETA. We have taken an oath and we promise we have always been and will remain cruelty free.

We have made the pledge for ‘The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics’. We have promised NOT to use chemicals that are known or are strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects. Visit SafeCosmetics.org for more info!!

We Pledge to conduct our business with the goals of Sustainability in mind. Sustainable business, sustainable ecology, sustainable society. And further:Not to use hazardous chemicals in our formulas, not to use petrochemical derived ingredients, to use organic and natural raw materials wherever possible, to avoid FD&C and Lake Colours, artificial fragrances, Triclosan and EDTA, and more. Visit GreenProductsAlliance for more info.

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