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Kevin’s Journey


Kevin is a little boy who is 14 months old. He recently celebrated his first birthday with his family- 2 older brothers, an older sister and his parents. It was a HUGE celebration as Kevin is so very loved!

When Kevin was born there was a suspicion that he had an extra 21st chromosome otherwise known as Down syndrome. Shortly after Kevin was born it was confirmed with a test that he did in fact have Down syndrome. It was at this point that Kevin started to struggle health wise. His heart, kidney, lungs and liver started to fail. It was at this point he was put on life support for 2 weeks. Kevin spent a significant amount of time in the hospital till he was well enough to come home. There are 3 different surgeries that are in Kevin’s future to help him be as healthy as possible.

On May 26th Kevin went to his local children’s hospital for a routine appointment. He was sent to the emergency department with concerns. He was diagnosed with the Rhino virus, pneumonia and a random eye infection. He struggled for 2 days before he was put on life support. Since May 28th Kevin has been on life support. This is the second time he has been in such a fragile health situation. He is lightly sedated and not being paralyzed any more.

Kevin’s family is a single income family as Momma stays home to take care of Kevin and his siblings. The last 14 months have been not just emotionally trying on Kevin’s family but financially especially with the family being split and divided to care for the kids at home and Kevin in the hospital.

We want to help Kevin, and you can too!  We will donate $4.00 from the purchase of any product to Kevin’s family when you use the code GIFTKEVIN in our online shop.

Thank-you for helping!